Keith Bartholomew

I am an ambitious, strategic full-stack engineer with broad, extensive experience building web applications, the backend systems that drive them, and the DevOps platforms that keep them running.

Work Experience

GoDaddy – Senior Software Engineer – 2019-present

I provided technical leadership to a team of engineers to build a cloud-native internal development platform. The platform integrated with a wide variety of internal systems and tools to accelerate developers’ ability to create and ship projects. The platform leveraged technologies like Amazon ECS, Lambda, SNS, and SQS to achieve a resilient and cost-effective platform.

In addition to building the development platform, I also participated in many internal open-source and developer experience projects, including building and maintaining librariese and CLI utilities, coaching junior engineers on best practices, and publishing an internal podcast to boost developer engagement.

Rackspace – Full-stack Engineer – 2015-2019

I was solely responsible for building a web control panel to manage Kubernetes clusters. The React+Redux frontend coupled closely with a Golang backend to make complex Kubernetes tasks intuitive for any user. To enable this app, I also built an OIDC system to allow the control panel, Kubernetes itself, and multiple related web apps to share SSO with cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Openstack. Prior to this, I built a distributed content-management system that enabled the publishing of docs from many content platforms like Jekyll and Sphinx to a single web portal. During my time at Rackspace, I used a myriad of languages and tools, including Golang, Node.js (and browser-side JavaScript), Python, Ansible, Kubernetes, and Ansible.

70kft – Web Developer – 2013-2015

As a web developer for a digital agency, I was responsible for rapidly producing accessible and search-optimized websites for a variety of clients. I used CMS’s like Craft, ExpressionEngine, and WordPress to build flexible content systems, wrote PHP to enable custom backend functionality, and wrote all the HTML, CSS (via Sass), and JavaScript necessary to build the front-end. For several months, I led a team of engineers at a major telecommunications company to architect and build a massive Angular web console for their private cloud service.


University of Texas at Arlington

B.A. in Communication Technology, graduated Cum Laude in 2011